Arab Breeding

Happy Horse Farm has been the home of Arabian breeding since 1999. Home of a registered Arab Stud, our focus is on breeding for height and temperament. The beauty and grace of the Arab horse have long been admired and the wonderful nature of the breed make them ideal partners for people who want meaningful horse relationships.

As a hot blooded breed, they are ideal for endurance racing and they are the ultimate ride.

See our horse certificates below.


» Commandeur Candahar
» Al-Jamal Fareek
» Tehema Hanara
» Sidi Paula
» Shizaar Kizmet-za
» Shizaar Agassa
» Shizaar Buraq
Sidi Mudiq
Shizaar Hadiyyah
Shizaar Ghaleel
Marabsu Mashuuf
Marabsu Sha Ashka