The joy and technical skill in learning to ride a horse has long been debated - Alexander the Great wrote a book called "Xenophon, exploring the art of horsemanship" - during ancient times - and today you have a variety of choices of places which teach both the rider and the horse. This controversial topic needs very little introduction except to say that we teach young and old people and horses. If you wish to learn how, we would welcome your enquiry. Simply call and book or drop us an email.

We school children and adults from the age of 5 onwards.

"You are never too old to learn"

At Happy Horse Farm we allow clients to bring their own instructor as long as the client makes prior arrangements (to ensure arena's availability).

Schooling also involves teaching horses - Particular training methodologies are controversial but our approach is slow and gentle and English style.

This schooling is backed up with full infrastructure for livery and staff 24 hours a day. Outdoor livery or indoor livery available.

Focus on the discipline of your choice is very important in determining where you place your horse and yourself. Please, consider the horses's environments as being of principle importances to the long term relationship you have with it.

Minimum period for schooling a horse in basic riding is 6 months. The horse will need to be brought to our yard for schooling. The livery and training charges must be discussed directly with Bernice.


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