Each yard has a specialization that is particular to them. Happy Horse Farm specializes in teaching riders and training horses to do distance riding. This sport is the fastest growing equine sport in the world and is a wonderful way of bonding with your horse and getting fit at the same time. It is an extreme sport and should not be undertaken by the feint hearted. You need discipline and tenacity as the name implies. You also need passion. If you think you have what it takes then you have come to the right place.


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Going the Distance

A list of essentials to bring with you on the endurance ride.

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Ride Calendar 2016

Read or download the calendar for 2016. Choose from the links below - the first is to open and read online (as a PDF) or you can save it to your hard drive - once it has opened. (Just remember where you save it to!). The second link is to a zipped PDF.

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