Frequently Asked Questions

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1 How does one mount (get on the horse)?
A Traditionally one mounts from the left side of the horse, by putting your left foot into the stirrup, holding either side of the middle and then throwing your right leg up and over the back of the horse.
2 How does one "steer" and stop the horse?
A On its head the horse has a bridle, on the bridle a set of reins which attach to a metal piece in the horses mouth called the bit. "Steering" is done by pulling left or right on the reins, stopping by pulling both reins together.
3 How does one get the horse to move forward?
A This is done by kicking lightly on the horses sides with ones heels.
4 What is a "Trot"?
A This is a pace which is faster than the walk and is similar to the humans "jog".
5 What is "Rising trot"?
A This is a movement done in English (not western) riding and involves the rider moving up and down in the saddle in rhythm to the horses trot.
6 What is a "canter"?
A This is a pace faster than the trot.
7 How do you age a horse?
A A horses age is determined by looking at its teeth.
8 What is the colour of this horse?
A Horses come in several colours, the most common of which are: Grey (which is what a white horse is called. Bay (brown horse with a black mane and tail), Chestnut (brown horse with a brown mane and tail), Skewbald (brown and white) and Piebald (black and white).
9 How old must a horse be before it can be ridden?
A Although race horses are ridden as early as two years of age, it is generally accepted that the horse should be at least three years before being bucked.
10 How long is a horse pregnant?
A Horses carry for 11 months.
11 What is the difference between a horse and a pony?
A Size - a pony goes up to 14.3 hands high, 15 hands and over is classified a horse.
12 What is a "hand"?
A 10cm = a hand.
13 What is a "Farrier"?
A This is the person who deals with the horses feet (hooves), putting on shoes if necessary, or just seeing that the hooves are not to long or short. Very important person in the life of a horse since if your horses feet are sore one cannot ride - no foot, no horse.
14 How long does a horse live?
A Ponies have been known to live well into their 30's, horses generally between 20 & 25 years.