Going the distance

Assuming that you have registered with an endurance club, your horse and yourself would have a book. These "passports" are vital to your combined success. Remember to bring these along.

For the first 80km ride of your life - and hopefully the first of many, herewith some notes and lists.

What to take with


  • Your own horse and tack (bridle, saddle, helmet) * See below
  • Decent sleeping bag and pillow
  • Tent or caravan
  • Some form of lighting - preferably a gaz type - less chance of fire
  • Some form of cooking apparatus - ie. Gaz cooker
  • Food - fruits (like bananas)
  • Drinks - essential - coffee for the morning and cool drinks for during the days ride - 2 Energade type (recommended) or Coca Cola. (cooler bags with ice bricks to keep things cool)
  • Sunblock for skin and lips
  • Headache tablets - for dehydration
  • Umbrellas and deck chairs
  • Some money - entry fees, drinks, petrol, tipping, tack, snacks
  • Clean pair of riding pants i.e.: jodspurs, chaps, riding boots, hat and T-Shirt (club or white shirt is recommended)
  • Clean clothes for after the race (don't forget undies)
  • PJ's for the evening (if you wear those)
  • Toiletries esp. shampoo, soap, toothbrush and towel


For your Horse

  • Big bucket (watering down) 1 small bucket
  • Sponges
  • Travel kit - if you have one ie. Trucking boots, headcollar and sweat sheet or day blanket
  • Hay net
  • Supplements, if using
  • Electrolytes
  • Sweat scraper
  • Hoof pick
  • 2 dry numnahs (preferably sheep skin) not including the one on the saddle at the moment
  • Saddle and bridle (to be clean for ride)
  • Optional - Bandages and either flat sponges or cotton wool for legs to be wrapped after the 80 km race.

Please feel free to call Ivan on (083 263 6643) or Bernice on (083 336 1823) (or email) if you are not sure of anything.

READ this article: The Arab Horse in South Africa. Very interesting and useful information.